Charitas Week 3: Pivoting for Growth & Position

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly seen as a viable and socially acceptable form of payment. Charitas is focused on transparency, community and democracy. To these ends, our devs are creating a voting platform for charities to onboard themselves, and accept BNB and other cryptocurrencies as donations. The community will have the option to vote to direct a percentage of the charity wallet to their charity of choice. The flexibility and agility afforded by community voting is a new characteristic of BSC charity initiatives.

Tokenomics Change

Yesterday we proposed a change in our tokenomics for an undetermined period of time. Our community reflected back our enthusiasm and we agreed that increasing the LP wallet tax from 1% to 3% for marketing/business expenses was in the best interest of the community, at least in our early stages, and especially as an antidote to the myriad of charity tokens that have popped up since our launch. We now tax each transaction 5% — so be sure to set slippage at 5–6% on PancakeSwap.

  • Hire a campaign manager that will create and disseminate content based on our roadmap progress to large crypto-centered accounts.
  • Expedite the creation of our voting app and other automated functions.
  • Promote our brand through paid ads on Twitter, Poocoin and others.
  • Create additional partnerships with relevant industry personalities to boost our brand exposure.
  • Spend more time on-boarding organizations and executing our primary function — to bring charitable organizations into the future and give the crypto world an outlet to help their favourite causes.

Roadmap Changes & Progress


  • CoinGecko Listing
  • YouTube Promo Video in progress — Determination of which vendor provides best value
  • Preview of Donation Voting dApp
  • Changes on Website (ie. Adding Our Partners, Sign-up for Partnerships, Our Team)
  • Preview of Charitas Launchpad
  • Continued Creation of Promotional Graphics for Socials


  • Full-blown Marketing with Campaign Manager
  • Establish Legal Entity & Charitas Foundation
  • Exchange Listing Application
  • Donation Voting dApp Beta Version
  • Team Expansion — addition of Campaign Manager, PR Manager — Interacting with social media accounts, leaving comments, and vetting new potential social media partnerships
  • Charity Events — Organization of 1st Live Event
  • Charity Organization Partnerships — Continued Discussions with Partners
  • NFT Auction Donations — Partnerships with Laurence Full and others
  • Charitas Creative Development
  • Charitas Launchpad Development — Details to come
  • DAO Governance Exploration
  • Merch Store Launch

June +

  • DAO Governance Implementation
  • Charitas Launchpad IDO Partnerships
  • Charitas Creative
  • Charitas Launchpad

“Charitas” (the latin root of charity) is a DeFi protocol built with the vision of democratizing charity to encourage transparency, honesty, and effectiveness.