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Q1) Can you please introduce yourselves to the community.

Steven Le Piane, Gabriel. Tavares, and Stephen

Our team comes from a diverse background. Steven has various marketing and charity experiences from his former employments and business ventures. He is a fantastic partnership builder. Gabriel has a tech background as a cyber security expert and programmer. I come from the finance field as a CPA and former big 4 auditor.

What we have in common is that we are long time crypto enthusiasts and investors who have been following the space for the past several years.

What motivated us to start this project is that we recognized how powerful and revolutionary charity tokens can be for the betterment of the world. But we noticed that there exists a gap between this revolutionary technology and the real world. No one outside of crypto knows about it. Even most casual crypto investors are unaware of charity alternatives.

We designed our plan and roadmap to bridge this gap so that we could be the first recognizable brand in crypto charity.

Q2) Can you please tell us about Charitas in detail?

Charitas (the latin root of charity) is a DeFi protocol built with the vision of democratising charity to encourage transparency, honesty, and the effectiveness of charitable initiatives.

With the upcoming release of the voting DAO Charitas holders will vote on which charities are to receive donations from the Charitas Fund. This enables the community to weigh and allocate donations based on urgency, current events, crucial initiatives, etc.

Allocating donations based on community votes also promotes transparency and acts as a safeguard against corruption.

Even now as the app is in development, the community gets to vote on where charitable donations will be allocated. We encourage you to stop by our telegram to participate!

How it works:

Ticker: CHAR

Mainnet: BSC

Supply: 1B before burns.

3% of every buy and sell transaction is taxed/removed

1% goes to the charity wallet

1% is added to liquidity

1% is paid as a dividend to all holders to incentivize holding

Charitas looks to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world by becoming a recognized brand through its partnerships with known charities and people of influence.

Q3) Please tell us the biggest milestone you have ever achieved and also your future milestone?

We are constantly looking for ways to reinvent ourselves and work on solutions that are at the cutting edge of our abilities. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and are working hard to develop sustainable, long-term partnerships. As far as current milestones – we believe our biggest one is that the community trusts in our vision and loves how we have marketed ourselves as being different from many of the other unreliable, and questionable tokens out there, we have already begun donating (as you can see on our website) and have an amazing community that believe in our vision and is enthusiastic and determined to help us reach our goals.

Actually we are lucky to have to help from some Youtubers Such as Torin Hoffman and “The Crypto Room” creating videos now to help promote our cause. We believe that building a trustworthy name for ourselves will be incredibly important for the long term viability of this project. We were even able to partner with @RunandLift from Instagram to help us promote our cause.

Regarding our future milestones, we believe one of the most important ones for us to achieve is getting the community voting on exactly the causes that matter for them. We want to move towards this as fast as possible but it’s necessary to take our time to build trust among our partners and also take the time to develop the voting app so that it functions as intended and does not have any bugs that would affect or alter the democratic nature of the voting. We believe in giving everyone in our community a voice and that is our biggest future milestone.

Hope you guys are as excited for this milestone as we are!

Q4) Please give us a sneak peak of your Roadmap?

Our 1 year road map focuses on three main aspects:

1- Build the voting application to govern the Charitas protocol and have the community automate where donations will be sent.

Beta testing will commence in Q3 with the full launch planned for Q4.

We are also in the discovery phase of building our own launchpad for (.. need more on this)

2- Extend our presence and continue to create awareness of Charitas.

We plan to accomplish this through continuous partnerships with known charities and people of influence. We plan to leverage charity with this revolutionary technology (DeFi) to garner PR, and establish a strong mainstream media presence.

We also have plans to hold sponsored charity events, both virtual and real world as well as charitable NFT auctions and other clever charitable avenues to help us bridge the gap between crypto and the «real-world».

3- Expanding our token offering

We are in the process of applying to be listed on exchanges while planning out our marketing strategy for the short, medium, and long term.

We believe that a truly viable solution to keeping the token utility as high as possible is to create a Charitas Launchpad, which we are announcing for the first time ever on this platform. The Charitas Launchpad would function by allowing Charitas token holders to profit off of the Launchpad fees charged to tokens that want to use us a secure starting point to raise funds and then lock liquidity to be added to PancakeSwap. Each individual will receive a portion of BNB collected by the smart contract organizing the token’s launch. What’s most important is that the Charitas Launchpad will be an way for new tokens to raise money for a charity of their choice and create social proof that they have good intentions and can be trustworthy. A percentage of the BNB raised will be allocated for charity donations.

During a pre-sale, for example, 50% of the BNB raised would go to charity

while the other 50% would be allocated to the liquidity pool for that token pair.

People would have to hold CHAR to access the launchpad. This would allow users to get their tokens for a cheaper price through pre-sale. This would allow the IDO to be seen in a positive light and start off with a smaller market cap which helps with the pumpamentals. More holders means more trades which in turn means more donations.

So, in a world where there are many different Launchpads, Charitas is providing a socially-viable one that allows us to stay true to our brand and vision.

Q5) What makes Charitas better than its competitors?

While other tokens promise to include a charity function, charitas is centred around charity as its main utility and branding.

The vision and direction of the protocol and decisions made surrounding it are always made with charitas vision in mind.

Democratizing charity to improve the honesty, transparency, and effectiveness of charitable initiatives. This is accomplished by allowing the community of holders to regularly vote on which charities are to be funded. By voting, the community can direct help towards timely crises and other causes which require immediate assistance.

Charitas is one of, if not the only charity protocol that is already building relationships with a variety of known charities.

Through partnerships and PR, the charitas brand aims to be recognized and established as the premier charity crypto that both coiners and no-coiners alike will be able to recognize.

As we partner with charities in different parts of the world we want to give people who don’t have access to bank accounts the ability to help with projects that matter to them by allowing them to make donations by using this defi protocol.

TWITTER Q1) DeFi is evolving fast. What do you think about this and can you be sure that Charitas Fund will be demand in the long term? What’s your plan to contribute to DeFi’s growth?

Addressing the evolution of DeFi and keeping our brand relevant is important and as fast as things are moving in this space we will just continue to launch product offerings that are in line with our vision of sustainability and usage. When we get our Launchpad out to the public we will be able to make bigger donations on behalf of the brand and produce larger and larger press reactions. This will allow us to build trust with larger charities – our goal is to reach as many non-crypto users as possible. We know that it will get even easier for the average person to access the Binance Smart Chain and as that happens we will be able to convince more non-users to join us because we believe our brand has the ability to bridge the gap between crypto users and non users, people with bank accounts or not.

As we partner with charities in different parts of the world we want to give people who don’t have access to bank accounts the ability to help with projects that matter to them by allowing them to make donations by using this defi protocol

TWITTER Q2) Staking is a great way to hold investors and rewards user. Does your project support staking?

A. Staking is an important element of the launchpad we are developing – we are creating it with processes similar to other launchpads where CHAR token holders will need to stake their tokens to receive the profits of a token launch. Investors interested in participating in the launchpad will have to stake into a pool, which will incur the same 3% tax based on the transaction.

The CHAR staked will be locked for a period of days.

A snapshot will be taken at a specified time to determine the allocation per person. So depending how many tokens your wallet has you will be put into a tier and make a % of profits based on that.

For example: Stakers may have tiers like this -

500,000 CHAR – Pool weight: 10

1,000,000 CHAR – Pool weight: 25

3,000,000 CHAR – Pool weight: 80

5,000,000 CHAR – Pool weight: 150

And the pool weight will then distribute the profits.

Please note that stakers will not receive the 1% income from each transaction that will otherwise be distributed if it was held in the wallet.

Similarly, for unstaking, the same 3% tax is applied.

More, we also include autostaking in the form of the 1% reflection as part of every token transaction.

TWITTER Q3) Could the community be useful in any way regarding marketing, or somehow spreading the word around to potential clients that would benefit from Charitas?

A. The community is our most important asset – unlike other crypto tokens that focus solely on pumpamentals, we have a community that is motivated to HELP people. I think people underestimate the power of this. While news and word of mouth moves the fastest for pump and dumps and the like, we are certain that the way to gain long term sustainable traction is to be in the news and get press releases as often as possible. Also, the community of charities that we are reaching out to will provide additional leverage and social validation unlike with other tokens.

How the crypto community itself could help us is to charities aware of our existence and ask them to shout us out, give them our information, have them reach out to us and our team and we will find a way to get donations to them in exchange for some publicity.

The community is very important as our vision revolves around having the community become the ultimate governance of the protocol and charitable initiatives.

Even now was the DAO is in development, we regularly hold polls on telegram to allow the community to decide which charities will receive donations.

Our decision making includes the best interest of the community in mind.

In our telegram, we are regularly active and try to answer everyone’s questions as often as possible.

We are always listening to them and ready to make any changes necessary that the majority agrees to. As long as it is the best interest of the longevity of the project.

At the same time, the community is very important for us to grow. We must rely on the community to help create awareness of what Charitas is and how it can help change the world for the better.

TWITTER Q4) How important is the community in helping you project? And how can we collaborate or help share the project with the world?

A. Yes, as we mentioned and touched on these points previously, we hope that the community could shout us out and help bring together resources in the form of charities that they have an affiliation with or influencers from around the world that have a strong desire to help their communities. There are many ways we can allocate our charity funds including helping charities that big influencers are passionate about. Any way we can include and educate new people about our brand and our goal is taking us closer to global adoption.

TWITTER Q5) One the main problems with smart contracts today is that there is a very high risk of bugs that allow Hackers to Steal the Funds and incur significant losses for project and its users. Can you tell us about the solutions that Charitas Fund offers to prevent this?

A. Security is a top priority for us. We began by securing our work environment.

I started by building a local server for us to test, store and share files securely.

I made the whole team buy new computers with network kill-switches and installed Arch Linux on all of them, which is a privacy orientated operating system. I also set up a kill switch on our network as a single point of control for all internet traffic as a countermeasure.

I set up encryption keys for everyone and made sure they never connect to public or untrusted wifi networks.

If the option was available we always used ethernet connections first.

All devs communicated either face-to-face or by using services that had end-to-end encryption to ensure our messages were secure.

Also want to add that we passed our audit with Techrate and are ready to address any other challenges by expanding our team as we develop and launch our new products. You can see the audit here – []

TWITTER Q6) A Partnership is essential for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have now and in the future?

A. At the moment we are putting together as many partners as possible to help promote the token. We believe in working with honest, decent people who are hardworking and have a desire to help their communities. Every partner we’re working with to create content is working with us because they see the utility we bring to the crypto community and the world.

Individuals like @RunandLift (Youtube), Torin Hoffman (Youtube) and The Crypto Room (Youtube)

And others that we cannot announce yet are all working with us thanks to our brand and our vision.

TWITTER Q7) How was the idea to create Charitas Fund born? It must be very interesting, right? What do you want to prove? What are your expectations?

A. I touched upon this a little in the intro, but to go into more detail: We realized the potential of charity tokens that use DeFi and how they can impact the world for the better.

But we also noticed a gap between the current tokens out there and the real world. No one really knows about these charity tokens. Some of the reasons for this might be because it is still so very new. Others are because the charity aspect is just an afterthought or a ‘feature’ of a «meme coin».

There are more serious charity protocols that exist, however, they are limited to the charity or cause that they represent. This limits their PR and media opportunities.

We wanted to create a «brand» that focuses on charity and allows the community to fund a wide variety of initiatives. We believed that this would enable this new token to gain more recognition in the real world and garner the media and attention that DeFi charity deserves.

This is why we created Charitas.

Telegram Q/A

Q. I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build? Is Your project a Global project?

A. We do plan on sponsoring Hackathons to help us better understand the ecosystem we’re currently in. We recently got our contract audited and we passed all tests. We also plan to periodically bring in people experienced in pen-testing to ensure that all our products and services are secured. We built our own local server for file sharing between the devs to ensure no data leaks on 3rd party cloud servers. All other communications we make are either face-to-face or through services with end-to-end encryption.

Q. Now a days every 2nd or 3rd project rug pulled or exit scam. Because of those scams ..Investors are scared. So tell us why should investors trust your project not to do the same? Please give us proper reasons for this.

A. We try to install confidence for investors by being active in the community. As doxxed developers, it would not be in our best interest to act maliciously.

75% of the liquidity raised in the presale has been locked until 2024 with the remaining 25% going to initial marketing efforts.

Developer tokens are also separated into 6 locked wallets.

They only become unlocked at milestones over the the course of the next 4-years. We did this to incentivize the development team to work towards achieving our roadmap and making sure that Charitas’ vision is realized.

Q. How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about your project?

This is a great question – for one, we have already enlisted the help of translation services that will be creating videos and translated documents to bring our cause to the world. While we know that donations and charity are primarily concentrated in English speaking countries – we have already seen through our website metrics that there is a lot of interest from Asia and we will continue to work with creators in those areas to help promote our vision and create new CHAR holders in these countries. Our website has received hundreds of thousands of views since launching 5 days ago and we will continue to assess this information to create partnerships immediately in the countries with the highest numbers of holders. However, a big barrier is to create sustainable and easily accessible partnerships with meaningful charities in these non-English countries. In order to do this we are already building a truly global team through the connections we have made thanks to the open and easily accessible pre-sale. Part of our strategy was to allow for many different people to have big stakes in our project and getting those people involved in the ways I’ve described above.

Q. Is CHARITAS a safe and reliable platform for investors? What value does CHARITAS bring to investors as well as the blockchain community?

A. The value we are providing is bringing in more users because we intend to bridge the gap between people who use crypto daily and people who don’t use crypto often like Charities. By getting charities on board it can help them get more donations from people in countries where crypto transfers are much easier for them than regular bank transfers. By doing this we are also boosting the crypto community because of the influx of cash from users who normally wouldn’t use crypto for these types of transactions.

Q. How do we do if you want to donate on your platform? what is the minimum donation that you receive? then what are the benefits?

Just by participating in Charitas through buys and sells. You will be contributing to the Charity wallet as 1% of volume is collected to fund a charities.

Alternatively, we also have donation wallets on our website’s home page, where you can donate BNB, ETH, or BTC.

50% of all donations will be allocated directly to charity, with the other 50% to be used exclusively for exchange listings and other vital growth opportunities.

Q. where do the donations go? have you donated before, what institution?

A. We let the community vote on which charities get donations.

This will be automated as the voting app is launched in Q4 (beta testing in Q3).

In the meantime, we hold regular polls on our telegram channel where the community votes on where donations are to be sent.

You can see all proof of donations on our website in the ‘Donations’ tab. You may click each donation for proof of that donation. So far:

Doctors Without Borders

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution

Q. What inspired how you arrived at the project name «CHARITAS»? in real sense, what significance does the name have in the project functioning and ecosystem development?

A. ‘Charitas’ is the Latin root for the word Charity.

We chose this name because we aim to have the Charitas protocol become the premier charity token with branding that charities, partners, organizations, media and other stakeholders can recognize and attach to our mission and vision.

Thank you for joining us in our first AMA. If you’re interested in learning more, or for partnership inquiries, please email us at

Charitas is a DeFi protocol built with the vision of democratizing charity to encourage transparency, honesty, and the effectiveness of charitable initiatives.

With the upcoming launch of the voting DAO, Charitas holders will vote on which charities will receive donations from the Charitas Fund. The Charitas Launchpad is a newly-announced project.

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“Charitas” (the latin root of charity) is a DeFi protocol built with the vision of democratizing charity to encourage transparency, honesty, and effectiveness.