Fall in love with this innovative non-profit that took the expression “teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” literally.

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Modern problem require modern solutions. In this case, Becky Straw, CEO of The Adventure Project, created modern solutions that solved decades-old problems. Health, food and water insecurity in the African subcontinent is a primary focus of humanitarian aid. With overall donations in North America dwindling, The Adventure Project organizes a long-term solution-based approach addressing 4 main areas lacking in skill and employment.

Money raised goes towards solving hunger, health, water and environment issues in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania. Additional communities and countries will be addressed as funding increases.

Examples of the jobs created through The Adventure Project are the…

Charitas is proud and excited to introduce two new members to our team — Dave and Aaron.

In the peak of summer the Montreal-based Charitas team joined other volunteers to distribute essential goods to vulnerable women in their community.

“We respond to the needs of women in precarious circumstances by offering a broad range of services in a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment, so that every woman may reach her full potential.” — Chez Doris

The team urges their holders to reach out and use Charitas as a resource to organize local events in other cities.

A turbulent cryptocurrency market is not deterring Charitas’ core team from standing firm in their commitment to help those in need, both locally and globally. On June 26th, the team delivered essential goods to various locations around Montreal.

Written by: Damiano Pulcini (@ChartShark22)

Montreal, Canada – Months in, the saga continues, now with the battle between Virtue and Memes. The DeFi space has seen a massive influx of obscene and borderline psychotically-named meme tokens which are taking the world by storm. Plagued by copycats attempting to clout jump off of each other and things like popular tweets from crypto relevant celebrities such as Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and others, these new tokens, which are often referred to as “rug-pulls” for their money-grabbing attributes and minimal shelf-life, are among the newest and most popular crypto trends. …

Charitas takes great strides to maximize community contribution.

The Charitas development team has proven its dedication to community approval through the deliberation of various key protocol features.

Working with the community to devise a sustainable path forward is a key facet of this organisation and will continue to take center stage in pursuance of various promotional avenues.

This past weekend Charitas launched its first major partnership with MMA fighter, Rory MacDonald. The week-long campaign has already generated $10,000 for the charity of Rory’s choice, Feed The Hungry (https://www.feedthehungry.org/). Those interested can view the progression of the fundraising campaign through this link: (https://charitas.fund/rory-feed-the-hungry.html)

Charitas posits that week-long promotional campaigns…

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly seen as a viable and socially acceptable form of payment. Charitas is focused on transparency, community and democracy. To these ends, our devs are creating a voting platform for charities to onboard themselves, and accept BNB and other cryptocurrencies as donations. The community will have the option to vote to direct a percentage of the charity wallet to their charity of choice. The flexibility and agility afforded by community voting is a new characteristic of BSC charity initiatives.

Tokenomics Change

Yesterday we proposed a change in our tokenomics for an undetermined period of time. Our community reflected back our…

Thoughts on expanding trust and transparency as a charitable foundation.

We need to remain conscious of the power of cryptocurrencies in many countries that have experienced severe inflation, dissolution of government or civil wars.

It’s been only week that Charitas exists and we’ve had an amazing time learning from and working with motivated individuals who share our vision.

The greatest part of this venture is allowing people who are passionate about helping the world, and about crypto, work with us towards our vision.

Launching an IDO is increasingly seen as a dangerous or malicious venture. There being too few projects…

We joined the 404 Crypto group on Telegram to answer some questions from their followers on Twitter and helped shed light on what our project is and how we are preparing for the immediate future.

Allow me to introduce the founding members of Charitas as we appear in our Telegram group.

Steven Le Piane @Charitas_Fund_Dev

Gabriel Tavares @gabriel_tavares7

And myself, Stephen @charitasdev

Our team comes from a diverse background. Steven has various marketing and charity experience in his former employments and businesses. He is an fantastic partnership builder. Gabriel has a tech background as a cyber security expert and programmer…

Join us on Telegram for our latest updates: https://t.me/charitasfund

The following script is the entirety of the «Ask me Anything» hosted on Cryptonation today in case you missed it.

Q1) Can you please introduce yourselves to the community.

Steven Le Piane, Gabriel. Tavares, and Stephen

Our team comes from a diverse background. Steven has various marketing and charity experiences from his former employments and business ventures. He is a fantastic partnership builder. Gabriel has a tech background as a cyber security expert and programmer. I come from the finance field as a CPA and former big 4 auditor.

What we…

“Charitas” (the latin root of charity) is a DeFi protocol built with the vision of democratizing charity to encourage transparency, honesty, and the effectiveness of charitable initiatives.

With the launch of the voting DAO. Charitas holders will vote on which charities are to receive donations from the Charitas Fund. This enables the community to weigh and allocate donations based on urgency, current events, crucial initiatives, etc.

Allocating donations based on community votes also promotes transparency and acts as a safeguard against corruption.

Charitas is hard to alleviate some of the most pressing issues in charitable giving – view our Charity…

Charitas Fund

“Charitas” (the latin root of charity) is a DeFi protocol built with the vision of democratizing charity to encourage transparency, honesty, and effectiveness.

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